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The Ultimate Men’s Health Support Toolkit for Employers
It's time to get proactive about Men's Health in your workplace! 

When it comes to supporting men's health, most businesses are behind the curve, with only 44% having workplace support strategies in place.

With 1 in 5 men dying before their retirement age, employers can no longer afford to ignore the importance of workplace health and wellbeing support for their male employees. 

Not sure where to start with offering support? The Men's Health Support Toolkit is the ideal resource for organisations, HR departments and benefits teams to start taking action today. 

With this comprehensive collection of men's wellbeing resources, you can learn from qualified clinical experts who detail proven strategies in ensuring your male employees remain healthy and happy at work.

With expert-led tips and actionable advice, you'll have all the tools you need to create a workplace support system that works for everyone - developed to help you encourage your male employees to open up and take charge of their health. 

Whether it's addressing mental and physical health issues or providing access to essential health services, this toolkit will help you prepare for Men's Health Week 2023 and support your employees' health beyond awareness days like Movember.

Start taking action and understand how you can improve men's health and wellbeing in your workplace.

Invest in your male employees' health today, and download The Ultimate Men's Health Support Toolkit for Employers!

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About the author

Helen Lake - Director of Men’s Health

Helen has 30 years clinical experience in urology, the branch of medicine that focuses on the urinary tract system and male reproductive system.

Her interest in bridging the clinical gap between hospital and home led her to join the commercial sector in 2005 with Convatec, then Bbraun Medical in 2010 as a Lead Clinical Specialist Nurse, developing home urology services.

She has lectured widely across the UK for the British Association of Urology Nurses, amongst other high profile associations. She now joins Peppy as our clinical lead for men's health services.