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An event from Peppy and The Law Society

  • It takes Black women, on average, 4 years longer to go through the menopause transition. 63% say that their symptoms have a negative impact on their working life

Join us on 20th October, 3:30 BST

Women of menopausal age are the fastest-growing demographic in the UK workforce. 1 in 4 of them consider leaving their current job because of their menopause journey.

In celebration of World Menopause Day, learn how you can foster a diverse and inclusive work environment through the support you offer.

During this virtual event, join I. Stephanie Boyce, Marc Jones, and Kathy Abernethy, as they discuss the connection between ethnicity, menopause and the workplace.

You'll find out

  • How race impacts the menopause journey
  • How employers can empower their people during the menopause transition
  • What leading employers are doing to support their workforce

Meet the Speakers:

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Businesses Choosing to Support Menopause: