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The working world has changed. Flexible working is now the norm, and not just a benefit.

The advent of flexible working has means benefits strategies must adapt accordingly.

Did you know that working-aged men visit the GP 50% less than their female counterparts? Shockingly 1 in 5 of your male colleagues will die before they are old enough to retire.

Your male colleagues need access to flexible healthcare solutions to match the new working norm and help combat preventable illness.

But no healthcare benefits are tailored specifically towards men.

Join Peppy and Flexa 
where we'll discuss the connection between flexibility and workplace culture, and why employers are choosing specialist men's health support to address these issues.

You'll learn: 

👉 Which benefits you need to create an inclusive, healthy workforce
👉 Why flexibility is crucial to employee health and wellbeing
👉 How flexibility and health support can make you a destination employer

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